Here comes the first blog…

Its difficult… how to start a new blog… you think hard what to write.. what not to many thoughts swimming into your mind.. but finally I decided I will write whatever will just come into my at this moment…
I just love writing.. expressing my thoughts through words is easy to me but still i can never write with an agenda in my mind.. I write because i just simply love it. My philosophy is simple..Lets keep things straight (I hate manipulations, boasting and blah blah…).. I derive pleasure from writing..(not because I want to be popular.. lol!!) I actually can not survive without writing.. because this is probably the only thing I can do…I want to write about a lot of things…as I am seldom with out a thought in my head ..
So here I am… wanting to put forth my thoughts, ready to learn, share and read new things and experience and a platform to connect with diaspora… I want to rise above my circumstances… and not succumb myself to the routine or cosy cocoon.. With this blog I wish to transgress the physical boundaries and enter into a zone of communion with universe whereby these boundaries loose their significance
I am hoping to get in touch like minded and not so-like minded as well people.. make them part of this journey.. the eternal journey of life..
Tomorrow.. may be an another day… but with sunrise….each new morning.. holds the potential for a new improved life… It gives us a choice to either plough the field or let the weeds grow.. 🙂


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Here to express..
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6 Responses to Here comes the first blog…

  1. Anushri Sharma says:

    Good start Stuti 🙂
    Wish you Good luck and hope to see you receiving a prize for Best Blogger someday ! 😀
    Cheers !

  2. kavita says:

    It really good stuti, if u hv written this. Why dont u try to write something for newspaper. There r a newspaper from times of india specially for school children. Anyone can give their articles, poems etc. Ur school also must hv that paper. Just find out and go for it. All the best.
    Tk cr

  3. nice….& another thing tht u r interesting /// carry on

  4. Amit malhotra says:

    Keep it up 🙂

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