That… First Time…

Some of us are nervous, some are excited, some eager, some happy… and so on.. but we all have a definite notion and reaction to break the ice for ‘that first time’. In addition.. some would not like to shake their comfortable couches and go for ‘that first time’.

Even some would not like to do anything by themselves but would like everything to in accordance with their wishes…even for ‘that first time’.

Days of anticipation and planning can go to make that effort, a perfect one.. or at least matching up to our expectations….there would be days when you will ponder over the futility of even thinking about making that effort for ‘that first time’ (all questions like who, what, why, how and I belong to this category)!

Another interesting thing which I have noted is that.. some people do not have any reaction attached to ‘that first time’ as they may consider that work as perhaps something natural which is to be done by all (as if God has sent us with a legally binding document to cover certain work), borne out of necessity of being in society or perhaps survival..

And finally…why is ‘that first time so important’? (at least for me!)

‘That first time’ has the potential.. to shape up your feelings and thoughts.. it can arouse either despair or hope.. it can infuse happiness or cause lot of pain…it can give you a new lease of life or give you a feeling that life has closed all the can provide you fresh breath or suffocate can arouse either excitement or …. it can either enliven your spirit or just crush your can lead you discover new horizons and make new beginnings or leave you in lurch…it can switch you on or off!!

Whatever the outcome may be..(even if it is the opposite one).. it is necessary to maintain your sanity in all conditions (which sometimes is difficult to maintain) and remember that though this time ‘that first time’ may not have fetched what you expected but ‘YOU’ always have the capacity to have a new beginning and live what you wanted that from ‘that first time’ (even if it takes you umpteenth attempts to experience what you wanted from ‘that first time’ because only when you will take risks and discover, you will reach your destination).

 I am happy that I did it for the ‘first time’ irrespective of the fact that it was not successful!!


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