Words misunderstood…………………

The most common complaint of a human being… Nobody understands me!! This thought is borne in human minds generally in adolescence when an individual faces the dichotomy between realism and idealism. From here, it can take various forms…..

An individual may gradually loose hold of that rebellious spirit as reality gradually sinks in (which is the most favourable response as per adults);

An individual may form his/her own world in which his/her idealism is the only reality that he/she can see and refuses to acknowledge that other world (because that dichotomy no longer exists from him/her).

But there may be some who are unable to resolve that conflict (many of us are in this realm). Though these individuals, fail to relate to the world around them (world which is full of greed, selfishness, apathy, pseudo intellectualism, power, endless debates with practically no solutions, corruption and finally no peace), yet they cannot escape from reality check (because of circumstances around them). They want to break free from all shackles and constantly aspire to elevate themselves from their current circumstances. They are constantly going through an internal struggle though outwardly they may seem to be happy chaps. They constantly curse themselves for not gathering enough courage to speak to the world in their own language rather than in the language of social conformity. Their patience sometimes is tested so hard in this unjust world that they often loose their balance and develop contempt for those around them, and finally become all the more difficult and unreachable for people around them. The people, who are often the practical so called people with great worldly wisdom, close to such people always complain about them being not practical, being too demanding, stubborn and gradually the war of words become so intense that both the parties blame each other for misunderstanding each other’s words and finally  each of them becomes so reclusive and egoistic that none of them would take a step forward to peep into each other’s view point, making world all the more complex to live in.

Though I am not here to suggest any solution because there is none except the fact that we must accept each individual as he/she is (not necessarily that you should like all people but at the same time do not hate them). We must accept that each one of has different vantage point through which we see things in world. It is not required that we must severely criticize those different from us in order to prove that what we see is the only reality that exists. Stop this madness of getting a societal stamp on your thoughts by demeaning other people.


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One Response to Words misunderstood…………………

  1. virgowrites says:

    I am afraid whether u believe in your own words…..doesn’t seem like you never used your societal stamp to demeaning people different from you

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