Hullabaloo over the New Year

Happy New Year… Happy New Year!!!! Aahhh… that is something I have been hearing all this week…..

What is the big deal about a new year?  What is a year? Based on some calculations, man has divided time into days, months and years…. But time is not an entity.. Time is eternal (at least for people belonging to oriental world as we believe in circular notion of time contrary to the linear concept of time being followed by western world).

So how can a new year bring about any change in lives? Has it in any way affected the course of your daily routine? Is the New Year always happy? We party hard to welcome New Year as it is going to arrive in our hands and we would have all the capacity to mould and mend it to make it happy for us. Are we actually living under an illusion that ushering of New Year is going to satiate our yet-to-be fulfilled wishes or entirely change every aspect of our life and things around us in a dramatic fashion?

I don’t intend to sound pessimist by writing all this but what I just mean to say is that is it not possible to do all these things even if do not have the concept of new year. Why do we have to wait for a new year to do certain things? Also I do not mean to say that we should not have hope for a better future.

The only thing that troubles my mind is clinging to an external agency as an agent of change. You cannot catch time and tell it that you want a change.  It is not New Year which can provide you a colourful and satisfying life. Man himself is the harbinger of change. It is YOU who can give you a life you deserve. It is not only the moment of so-called New Year but any moment you want, can be the moment of your awakening!!!

What I really wish is that may this moment be the moment of our awakening from deep slumber where we cannot  see the misery, poverty, corruption, dog-eat-dog competition, dehumanization of society, ill-effects of capitalism et al., but most importantly the pit that we digging for ourselves each moment as a selfish materialistic society!!!


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