Can I take a risk??

Risk…. What sort of reaction do you expect as soon as somebody talks about taking a risk?? Whooo… beware!!!  Take only calculated risks….. think of all pros and cons……… blah blah…

Really… don’t you think calculated risk is an oxymoron… What exactly is ‘the risk’? Something which you would like to do, which does not fall into the category of norms; something which is away from routine; something which we had always wanted but were unable to do because it might disturb our life; at last something which we are fearful of doing because it has the capacity to make us miserable if things won’t work out they way we want….

But are we already in the state of misery if we are living in a dichotomous state of mind where we are always weighing our decisions on the basis as to what is more ‘secured’ for us vis a vis what we actually wish and can really do (termed as risk)…

Why is it like that… when something which we had always wanted comes our way……..we do not want to accept because it seems like a risk… The problem is that we do not have patience to let things evolve organically.. be it our career or relationships…We seek instant gratifications….We do not want to wait and let things flow naturally.. We do not want to enjoy the beautiful moments that each day throws because we are not concerned with the journey but only the destination … We do not realize what all we can absorb through this journey….

The new path might be full of insecurities initially but eventually if we have immense faith in something… gut, sixth sense. whatever u might call it… it does show some effects in life….(I know people living in the age of reason will not accept this proposition!!) Not necessarily that we may succeed, you might get wounded…..but it would make us all the more receptive in life………. And universe will respond to us only if we wholeheartedly open the doors of our heart and soul to it…. and Yes, I think I should go for it!


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One Response to Can I take a risk??

  1. Twesh Mishra says:

    An interesting write up, I guess risks are never meant to be calculated.
    Very rightly said, a calculated risk is an oxymoron.

    I believe that the the anticipation is the most exciting part of a risk, the adrenaline rush and the flaring emotions that subsist until the sweet fruit of success or the sour taste of defeat is tasted are worth every penny spent while taking a risk.

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