Dreams and Love…

What an unusual topic for a person like me? Bang… I know! But for all those, who become really suspicious as to how come I am writing about dreams and love ;).. just read a quote by Paulo Coelho.. Dreams and love are just words – until you decide to experience them!

But my curiosity lies in the fact… as to how can you be so sure that whatever you are experiencing or perhaps you want to experience is indeed your very own dream! Dreams sometimes have the power to make us probably unrealistic… Having said that, I absolutely believe in the power of dreams and working towards them silently, carrying them in your eyes when you are actually awake and not just sleeping… so what I mean when I said dreams making us unrealistic is that dreams should not be equated with mere fantasies!

And about love.. gosh.. the most complicated thing in the world yet when you are in love things look simple and straightforward which I believe is sometimes not the reality. You want to run away from love and you run harder and harder thinking that you have to be really practical but in this whole cumbersome process you won’t even realise when has the cupid struck!!

As soon as you realise that there is something fishy (feeling of love) going on within you.. (hint: you would feel completely whacky ;)) … you suddenly start becoming protective about yourself and your love…you want your efforts to give instant results… you are totally consumed by the feeling that is it worth my efforts and attention… you want to trust you intuition but you are just too fearful to do so…you become calculative as to how to achieve your love…you become closed.. afraid of your heart being broken! It would become all the more difficult to maintain equanimity for all those who feel that their love is probably one-sided and may never get reciprocated…. and along LOVE comes the great GLOOMINESS!!

Now, comes the situation when your dreams and love do not meet your expectations… the common reaction would be the displacement reaction…. on some external agencies….

But why not take charge of the situation on your shoulders…. make efforts for your dreams or love even if you see no results in stages of infancy.. give it your best shot and still if it does not work out.. do not blame yourself. The common feeling would be.. Oh!! I knew it won’t turn out well, only I realised it later.. I am so stupid, I was blind.. blah blah.. so it’s really okay if did not turn out well but at least you will not have the guilt of not giving it a shot!

I feel that the connecting link between dreams and love is faith…..faith that whatever happens, happens not just for the good…but it surely makes sense in the future which we are not able to realise right now…


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One Response to Dreams and Love…

  1. Twesh Mishra says:

    well love has a tendency to leave people dumbfound. It is this very characteristic that makes it somewhat repulsive. But then again there are hardcore love fanatics who vouch for this sensation as the sole purpose of existence. Love is something that it yet to be decoded by humanity and the enigma sustains it.

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