The typical Indian mindset is to compromise for each and everything! Why? Because you are losing time….Whose time is it anyway? Yours or mine? And there goes the argument… generation gap, different thinking styles, immaturity and so on!

The volley of questions being thrown to us include: How do you know that what you are yearning for definitely come your way… Why do you want to loose opportunity at this stage… how are you so sure that you may not have to compromise in future??

I seriously have no answers to all these questions but instead I want to ask some questions… First of all about the perception of ‘right time’ which again is quite subjective? What do we mean by the importance of right time in our lives? Who decides that right time? Why have you divided the time of our lives into a series of milestones which have to be achieved at a particular age and that right time?

My next query is about grasping the next available thing because you cannot afford to waste time. True, with some matters you can take that risk but can you afford to apply this formula in all areas of your life especially in terms of relationships.

And most perturbing is the lack of trust and faith on fellow human beings which constantly instills fear and feelings of uncertainty… Are we going to loose out on something good due to our honesty? Are we being fooled by our fellow human beings? What if the other person breaks our trust? Why should I think with heart when the whole world believes in practicality and reason?

Finally, due to surmounting pressure, we have to compromise….. with our faith, belief, feelings, ideas and our very existence! I just wonder what sort of life we are expecting with this sort of compromise….


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  1. Twesh Mishra says:

    Society has transmuted into a structure wherein the moment at which one attains is as essential as the achievement. There have been various factors that have resulted in such a framework. When attempting to enumerate them one can list peer pressure, competition, greed and marriage. There is much that can be discussed on this issue, in an overly capitalist society basic human values and needs are over shadowed by wants and desires.

    It is imperative that one realises that needs are any day more necessary than wants.

  2. aadilfahim says:

    (: This was a good read. I really liked the part when you broaches up the topic about honesty. Most of us aren’t really ready to pursue honesty. Indian sentiments are quite different from western; people seem to be more indirect in nature or should I say, try to manipulate the truth in a way, so that it won’t sound like a criticism. If they’ll be honest, people will start to think different of him and moreover, start to incept the seed of hatred against him. Honesty is hard to pursue and it’s hard to find people who can take the honest answer in a non-offended way. Another point about setting up the milestone throughout the life is a weird concept planted by the so called society itself. Everyone sees others and they endeavour their best to create example of those experience and then try to make others believe the same. And then goes the same old wisdom of being a follower. Rather than doing something out of mediocrity, people like to follow the same old milestone and judge others who wants to be different.

  3. Well Stuti this is perhaps the most talked things we always discussed…but see the indian society has always been like this only..many a times we have to compromise some of our wishes, ambitions and even ideas..sometimes we have to compromise for the sake of our parents, siblings, spouse and may be even for great friends…and i think this is what makes our great in our own respect. We still are able to find ourselves happy and content. A small compromise can work wonders for our life and for that matter our relations however on the other hand it can sometimes create a window of uneasiness,dissatisfaction and worhtlessnes among ourselves is always on us how to create a balance between the two without creating a fuss about the whole situation.

    • stutisharma says:

      Mohit.. do not confuse adjustment and adaptations with compromises.. what u are referring is very different from what i want to mention..
      There are certain ideals in life which u can not forsake for anybody, damn society because that makes you what you are… and if self is lost, all lost is lost.. you can not make anybody happy or any build any healthy relationship based on compromises but i agree with you.. that where there is love and compassion.. adaptations can go a long way in making life more content and fulfilled!!!

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