When the going gets tough.. The tough gets going..

I have noticed that whatever be the phase of life we are in.. we always think that the coming phase would be better.. it would bring new colours to our life.. it will open new windows for us. We are always in anticipation of something new, a future, desolated from present. 

The moment your so called dream is attained, the relevance of that starts disappearing because it is then you realize that situations do not make life better. That is the time you see that even after the dream has been attained, life will not be all rosy. 

Its then when going gets tough..It is then you feel trapped..Its then when it seems all means of communication have broken down..It is then when u feel if somebody could just come and understand your silence.. Its then you feel that if for a day you could be protected from the wolves who are always ready to pounce on you.. Its then you need to show your utmost patience and will power to strive through all odds..

 As you move from the zone of light to the zone of shadow, there comes a realisation that no situation and no person can help you ever in dealing with idiosyncrasies of life.. and in this dehumanizing world, LIFE has become a battle that has to be fought each day.. 

The bottom line is that each moment should be seen as it is desolated from future..because living each moment would create life for you.. but if we keep on living with the myth that present has no relevance to the future, the bubble would burst one day making the going even more tougher..


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3 Responses to When the going gets tough.. The tough gets going..

  1. yuktakher says:

    Ma’am, I read all your blogs, and believe me, I was just spellbound… they are such beautiful blogs…you are such a wonderful writer… I have easily gone fond of your writing skills… they are sooo perfect…
    Yukta Kher

  2. upasna123 says:

    Very TRUE Yukta..!!! I was awestruck when I read all your posts… The way you look at things and the way you percieve and analyse them is great…. Ma’am you are truly a great inspiration me..

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