A Miracle!!


I always used to wonder what could be the greatest miracle in the world! Could it be falling in love? Could it be becoming rich? Could it be discovering something new? Could it be meeting God one day? My head used to be buzzing with plethora of possibilities in my mind….until a day came!

One fine morning in my sleepy nauseous condition, my hubby revealed to me that we are going to be parents. For a few moments I could not gather the deepness of that emotion. I immediately got ready for a doc’s appointment and started concentrating on the necessary things needed to be done. A week passed and went for my first scan. Immediately like a thunder of lightning I got so overwhelmed to see what doctor was indicating on screen. All the information stuffed in my head as a biology student felt so logic-less and I got up with such a deep emotional chord.

I could not help but question how can you say that ‘Man’ has the power to create life (considering the biological fact). At this moment how can you question the existence of soul? How can you attribute life to just a body which works just like a machine?

Certainly the life cannot be attributed only to a mass of cells. Certainly unfolding of a new life is a ‘miracle’ even though science can explain the reason behind each sequence of events. Certainly science cannot explain the intrigue role of emotions and power of faith in creating a new life!

Rationality loses its significance when you realize that life has dimensions much beyond the comprehension of human understanding. And that moment in your life when you come out of that bubble of rationality is what you term as a MIRACLE of your life!



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2 Responses to A Miracle!!

  1. yuktakher says:

    Congrats, Ma’am!! 🙂 😀 And I’m as always a huge fan of your writings! 🙂

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