Truth and lies??

What is truth and what is a lie is again a very intriguing question circling our lives.. It again is a very contextual and circumstantial question.. Absolute truth, absolute lie, half truth and similarly half lie..these are the everyday dilemmas we have to face in our lives..

Life is such a whirlwind that what seems like truth at one point of time to oneself, becomes so obsolete after a while. And what seems like truth to one person may be absolute lie for another person. And as we change the time frame, perceptions becomes realities, so does the definition of truth and lies. The problem arises when you have to deal with the situations (in terms of circumstances and people) that come up with these changing definitions of truth and lie.

So the question again is what is truth and what is lie? How can you decide the difference between the two and take the correct path? How are you going to stick to the decisions that you are going to take now in future based on what is truth now? How are you going to deal with your decisions if this truth turns out to be false after a while?

All these questions surrounding life are such a cobweb that there is no absolute answer to these like there is no absolute truth in life.. whenever in doubt, just close your eyes, trust on yourself, trust on god, and trust on karmas, universe will surely be answering some questions!!


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