Child-centered education.. reality or myth?

We have always been debating on different methods of pedagogy. Of late child-centered activity based learning methods (by John Dewey) have been priortised for the best learning, in which child is kept at the centre of activity, meaning he is the code and he is learning through his own observations rather than feeding something in his mind through lectures or spoon-feeding.

Nevertheless we are still far from really getting into a child’s shoes due to confines of curriculum and set patterns. As educators we are designing activities in such a way that they adhere to curriculum topics only and there is a definite result of the activity. Mind it we are not letting the child to make discovery through this method. Where are we tickling their minds and giving them scope to make mistakes and repeat their experiments again and again. In sort there is no real research based learning involved.
On the other hand we are still labelling children as  hyperactive and slow learners due to a perceived notion that they are deviations from normal. By saying so we are actually shrugging off our duties as educators because they simply dont fit into our system.Time and again there are debates surrounding the very much hyped ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) as a myth. ​There have been innumerable examples now that these so-called labelled children have excelled far better than others with customised teaching methods, constant support and motivation. These kind of children have actually proven to be out-of-the box thinkers and have been achievers in real life world. How far is it really justified to teach what we want to teach and then on other hand ironically we want our children to be critical-thinkers??

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Truth and lies??

What is truth and what is a lie is again a very intriguing question circling our lives.. It again is a very contextual and circumstantial question.. Absolute truth, absolute lie, half truth and similarly half lie..these are the everyday dilemmas we have to face in our lives..

Life is such a whirlwind that what seems like truth at one point of time to oneself, becomes so obsolete after a while. And what seems like truth to one person may be absolute lie for another person. And as we change the time frame, perceptions becomes realities, so does the definition of truth and lies. The problem arises when you have to deal with the situations (in terms of circumstances and people) that come up with these changing definitions of truth and lie.

So the question again is what is truth and what is lie? How can you decide the difference between the two and take the correct path? How are you going to stick to the decisions that you are going to take now in future based on what is truth now? How are you going to deal with your decisions if this truth turns out to be false after a while?

All these questions surrounding life are such a cobweb that there is no absolute answer to these like there is no absolute truth in life.. whenever in doubt, just close your eyes, trust on yourself, trust on god, and trust on karmas, universe will surely be answering some questions!!

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Stuck In Reverse

Glooming skies

Barren land

Distant light

Weeping eyes

Frozen jaw

Stuck in reverse

Nobody can hear you

You can’t hear anybody

Everybody around you

But no one near

No words

Words are not enough

Stuck in reverse

Blaming eyes

Bitter truths

Fixed notions

Frozen ideas

Encaged conventions

Fighting odds

All alone

Stuck in reverse


Shun the mask

Becoming yourself

Rising horizons

Thats your aim

Move ahead

Reach out to universe

You are your reason

Don’t you get,

Stuck in reverse

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A Miracle!!


I always used to wonder what could be the greatest miracle in the world! Could it be falling in love? Could it be becoming rich? Could it be discovering something new? Could it be meeting God one day? My head used to be buzzing with plethora of possibilities in my mind….until a day came!

One fine morning in my sleepy nauseous condition, my hubby revealed to me that we are going to be parents. For a few moments I could not gather the deepness of that emotion. I immediately got ready for a doc’s appointment and started concentrating on the necessary things needed to be done. A week passed and went for my first scan. Immediately like a thunder of lightning I got so overwhelmed to see what doctor was indicating on screen. All the information stuffed in my head as a biology student felt so logic-less and I got up with such a deep emotional chord.

I could not help but question how can you say that ‘Man’ has the power to create life (considering the biological fact). At this moment how can you question the existence of soul? How can you attribute life to just a body which works just like a machine?

Certainly the life cannot be attributed only to a mass of cells. Certainly unfolding of a new life is a ‘miracle’ even though science can explain the reason behind each sequence of events. Certainly science cannot explain the intrigue role of emotions and power of faith in creating a new life!

Rationality loses its significance when you realize that life has dimensions much beyond the comprehension of human understanding. And that moment in your life when you come out of that bubble of rationality is what you term as a MIRACLE of your life!


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Is new year…..?

Is new year a time to sing a new song?

Is new year a time to infuse freshness in life?

Is new year a time to start a fresh with hope and positivity?

Is new year a time to introspect and learn from past actions?

Is new year a time to shun old thoughts and welcome new changes?

Is new year a time for home coming and express your love and warmth to your loved ones?

Is new year a time to raise toast for new beginnings and let go of past?

Or else

Is new year only a myth?

Is new year a marketing gimmick?

Is new year just a crap by party mongers?

Is new year ‘only and only’ a disillusion in our minds?



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When the going gets tough.. The tough gets going..

I have noticed that whatever be the phase of life we are in.. we always think that the coming phase would be better.. it would bring new colours to our life.. it will open new windows for us. We are always in anticipation of something new, a future, desolated from present. 

The moment your so called dream is attained, the relevance of that starts disappearing because it is then you realize that situations do not make life better. That is the time you see that even after the dream has been attained, life will not be all rosy. 

Its then when going gets tough..It is then you feel trapped..Its then when it seems all means of communication have broken down..It is then when u feel if somebody could just come and understand your silence.. Its then you feel that if for a day you could be protected from the wolves who are always ready to pounce on you.. Its then you need to show your utmost patience and will power to strive through all odds..

 As you move from the zone of light to the zone of shadow, there comes a realisation that no situation and no person can help you ever in dealing with idiosyncrasies of life.. and in this dehumanizing world, LIFE has become a battle that has to be fought each day.. 

The bottom line is that each moment should be seen as it is desolated from future..because living each moment would create life for you.. but if we keep on living with the myth that present has no relevance to the future, the bubble would burst one day making the going even more tougher..

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Its when..

Its when I see you in me and me in you..

Its when I see us together..

Its when I see your face along with the rising sun..

Its when I don’t want to be away from your arms..

Its when I close my eyes and hear your heartbeat..

Its when I get up with your fragrance..

Its when I want to gaze you forever..

Its when I wait for you breathlessly the entire day..

Its when I can not remove my eyes away from clock..

Its when I wait for you to knock the door..

Its when I see you again..

Its then I feel alive again..

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